It's me, May Alexandra Harnish.

I am just the one humble girl who tried herself in academic writing (international relations) and traveled quite a bit around the world exploring new countries and mentality of people. Currently I live in The Netherlands Antilles for the work reasons and before I have been living in gorgeous Geneva, Switzerland and also in Holland.

So this is my first book of fiction. Suddenly I discovered a pleasure of writing short stories. My stories are about life, love and affection, about the certain dose of adventure in our everyday reality; and also about various ways to find your place in life. Mostly all this happened in the glorious and vibrant city of Amsterdam which I love passionately. My Dutch friends are always in my mind. Typically my stories are based on the real life situations although please do not look for any special similarities. People often ask me if I wrote about myself. Not really for 100%, but I believe it is important to experience the things you tend to write about. One great Russian, Anton Chekhov, said: "Suffering leads man to perfection". Hardly could I say it better. Thank you for your time and attention! Please feel free to contact me at astanes@gmail.com Hugs, May.